What do you do? That's a question we ask and get asked when meeting new people. But the question always has the implication of “What do you do for a living?” or “How do you pay your bills?” I like to ask people "What do you do for fun?" We are so much more than just our careers.


So what do I do? In the area of making money, I am a report developer. It may not be for everyone but I enjoy it.


But what else do I do?

As an artist, I love performing long form improv. I moved to Chicago to specifically study this.


I'm a person who loves tidying/decluttering and organizing. I even have a Facebook page on it for giving tips.

For entertainment outside of the home I go to museums, plays, comedy shows and movies. For entertainment in the home I watch movies, TV shows (mostly Asian TV), documentaries, and debates. I also hike, color, do puzzles and play games,


I have a black cat named Loki I love very much. She's my little house panther.


So now you know some things about me. I guess the purpose of this page has been fulfilled.

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